Old news - in any goldrush, the people who make a *reliable* income are those selling picks and shovels to the miners, not the prospectors themselves.What I find most pernicious about Bubble 2.0 is that it *requires* large amounts of critical delusion and huckerism, and is uncomfortably akin to tawdry carnival scams.Don't trash the users for being vain. Trash the con-men for preying on that vanity to make a buck - or, in the net world, a penny.Yep - it is tech bubble all over again! Except there is less magain on the hardware this time ;-)The networks are making out like bandits on the bandwidth costs, and the financial models are getting more and more questionable!I say again, web 2.0 is really Web 0.2a:macromedia and now adobe since the merger seem to be positioned well for user content as well. better margins as well.>Most dot-coms, it turned out, were just middlemen who were really good at taking investor capital and funneling it to IT vendors....and ad agencies. sock puppet, anyone?